I Can Fix It

"No worries, my love,"
I say
Mending his dislocated smile with chicken wire
And sharpening his slacks with the dull edge of a razorblade
"There, all better," I assure him
At the strings
Sewn into the corners
Of my mouth
He doesn't see my thoughts
At his feet
And notice
We are drowning
In them


  1. This is brilliantly janus-faced . The brutalist imagery " I say
    Mending his dislocated smile with chicken wire" yet in the name of care and the almost painfully delicate "No worries, my love,"
    when worry is all but bursting through those stitches. I can't repeat how excited I am to have unearthed two asteroids on your page and so thrilled you are still writing and uploading (with a jazzy new page no less). As frustrated as we get with our writing, we always creep our way back sullen faced and obstinate as ever, even if it takes years (literally...)...


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