Fretful Persistence


I am afraid…
That I have allowed
My wings
To whip the sky
Far too long

I fear…
That I have slashed through the skin
of too many clouds
And collected its wool in my feathers

I am scared…
That the height at which I soar
Intimidates the stars
That each flap licks the brightness
Like fickle candles

I worry..
That my ascension grants me
A scolding from the sun
--For who would dare block
The glory of such a majestic beam?

I am concerned…
That they will unite
And deliver me a portentous blow
Before I reach the pinnacle
Of my rise

But I am afraid…
There is nothing they can do
To stop the wind
From kissing the feathers
Beneath me
To stop my wings from beating
Against the air
To stop me from gaining
A piece of the glory
For myself


  1. have I stumbled upon Shawn FINALLY on the blogosphere?? I think I have... about time too!!

    (you know I love this one)

  2. Yes, this is one of my utter favourite poems in the universe! Please join us on Real Toads - There's an open link on Mondays, where you can share a poem of your choice. Come over and meet the gang.


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